Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tshirt Designs

T-shirts designs on sale~!!!

-Shorty (Camp fire song song) with Rachel
-Jessica (Being evil)
-Jessica (Feelin' brave shorty?)
-Fiona and Stacie (OMG what's that?!)
-Stacie (I'm sooo blogging this)
-Fiona (Monsters...)
-Soldier (I think I came in too late)
-LOTF (together we are dolls)
-Shorty (I'm eating a cheese burger, Wanna stop me?)
-Shorty (I'm wayy ahead of juz)
-Individual designs
-Rachel (I have bad luck)
-Rachal (God...? Are you there...? It's me...blondie..)

I don't know how much it will cost.
I want to get 100% cotton shirts....that's going to cost alot..
possibly. The shirt will be worth 20 bucks~
Not bad though you know???
They're going to be silkscreened very well.

I'll post the designs soon enough <3

World Empress Karanny presents...Karen and I

Karen and I...
At first there was always me..

Karen and I?

To know that I will smile everyday for everyone.
To let you know that I'll always be here

And Always and forever, My twin sister Mindy.
We'll always be together forever...Both Mindy and I

Maybe this boy might change my life.
I guess it'll be alright to dumb myself a bit..
We'll make each other happy..Both Eric and I

(Mindy's still number 1)

And now.
I guess I'm alone.
I'll wait for everyone.
I'll smile and never forget..
The days when both Mindy and I
Eric and I
Both spent

But I'll still wait here
Sitting here..
Both Karen and I

-Love Karen

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday of the Month

The performance by the ASB students.... Honestly, this made me realize how corrupted my school really is. In there the more whorish you are, the more power you get. Aigou! What a suprise. My week at that school is totally bullshit.

but anyways, tommorow I'm going back to acting school. I missed only a week and I already miss my friends. haha.
32 days until I move out of Rosemead!! WOOOO!!!!