Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tshirt Designs

T-shirts designs on sale~!!!

-Shorty (Camp fire song song) with Rachel
-Jessica (Being evil)
-Jessica (Feelin' brave shorty?)
-Fiona and Stacie (OMG what's that?!)
-Stacie (I'm sooo blogging this)
-Fiona (Monsters...)
-Soldier (I think I came in too late)
-LOTF (together we are dolls)
-Shorty (I'm eating a cheese burger, Wanna stop me?)
-Shorty (I'm wayy ahead of juz)
-Individual designs
-Rachel (I have bad luck)
-Rachal (God...? Are you there...? It's me...blondie..)

I don't know how much it will cost.
I want to get 100% cotton shirts....that's going to cost alot..
possibly. The shirt will be worth 20 bucks~
Not bad though you know???
They're going to be silkscreened very well.

I'll post the designs soon enough <3

World Empress Karanny presents...Karen and I

Karen and I...
At first there was always me..

Karen and I?

To know that I will smile everyday for everyone.
To let you know that I'll always be here

And Always and forever, My twin sister Mindy.
We'll always be together forever...Both Mindy and I

Maybe this boy might change my life.
I guess it'll be alright to dumb myself a bit..
We'll make each other happy..Both Eric and I

(Mindy's still number 1)

And now.
I guess I'm alone.
I'll wait for everyone.
I'll smile and never forget..
The days when both Mindy and I
Eric and I
Both spent

But I'll still wait here
Sitting here..
Both Karen and I

-Love Karen